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Personalized Reading & Writing Tutoring


Flex Writing Pass



Reading & Writing Series


①​ Flex Writing Pass

The Flex Writing Pass, in 5-hour or 10-hour options with no expiration, empowers you to schedule sessions at your convenience, receiving top-tier writing support from our Ph.D. English/Creative Writing mentors. Upon completing your purchase, you will receive a booking schedule to reserve your sessions.


The writing pass can be utilized to seek guidance on your:

  1. School assignments 

  2. Writing contest submissions (Writing Contest List)

  3. Literature journal submissions

* Bookings must be made at least 2 days in advance, and drafts should be submitted at least 1 day prior to the session.

** The Flex Writing Pass does NOT provide guidance on college application essays. 


②​​ Personalized Weekly Reading & Writing Series 

Based on the student's current level and needs, the mentor will design a series to systematically help the student improve thinking and writing abilities to stand out in the fields of his or her interest. Each week, the student will complete a writing project for in-depth class discussion. The student will also develop a habit of consistently reflecting upon one's own thinking and striving towards perfection in writing.


Students are encouraged to team up with 1-3 peers at a similar English level for weekly classes. We are also happy to assist in group formation.

Sample Feedback on Student Writing

Richard - Sample Feedback 1
Richard - Sample Feedback 2
Richard - Sample Feedback 3
Richard - Sample Feedback 4
Richard - Sample Feedback 5
Richard - Sample Feedback 6
Rachel - Sample Feedback 1
Rachel - Sample Feedback 2
Rachel - Sample Feedback 3
Rachel - Sample Feedback 4
Rachel - Sample Feedback 5
Rachel - Sample Feedback 6
Rachel - Sample Feedback 7
Rachel - Sample Feedback 8
Rachel - Sample Feedback 9
Rachel - Sample Feedback 10

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