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Online Courses Registration

Level 1: Middle School Students

Level 2: High School Students

23' Fall Open Enrollment Courses

Our courses have two levels: Middle School and High School. If none of the posted Open Enrollment Courses fits your student's grade and schedule, please feel free to contact us to arrange a different session for your student or study group. 

Open Enrollment Course Size: 3-6 students. Recordings will be provided for missed sessions. 

5% Off Early Bird Discount Code (valid till 10/05/23): 23FALL 

Specially Arranged Study Groups

Request a Class Time

If you cannot find a suitable class time or grade level from the above Open Enrollment Courses, feel free to request a different class time by reviewing our AVAILABILITY SHEET and submitting the CLASS REQUEST FORM. We will contact you as soon as a new session is open at your desired times. 


Your student is also encouraged to team up with friends at the similar academic level. Please feel free to pick a time slot for your group. Class will start as soon as a group has been formed. Teaching can be more individualized for self-arranged study groups. 

Course Policy

Class Size

No more than 6 students. Our small classes ensure adequate attention to each student.​


If your student is unable to attend a class, a recording will be provided for the missed class.


(1) Before the course starts, the tuition is fully refundable as a non-expiring credit toward future Humanities Circle courses or our counseling programs; the credit can be transferred to other students. 

(2) After the first class, a prorated refund will be offered if the student feels that the course does not match his/her needs. 
(3) After the second class, there will be no refund. 

(4) Polaris reserves the right to cancel the class due to insufficient enrollment (a minimum of 3 students for Open Enrollment Courses) or unforeseen circumstances, in which case your tuition will be fully refunded.

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