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Online Group Courses

Level 1: Higher Elementary & Lower Middle School

Level 2: Higher Middle School & High School

We offer two levels for "Short Stories Seminar," "Analytical Essay Writing Essentials," "Film & Literature," and "Public Speaking," catering to learners of varying grade levels.


Analytical Essay Writing Essentials (10 hrs)
Towards AP English Success
Grades 5+
Mentor: Dr. Prusko


Creative Writing Essentials (10 hrs)
Unleash Human Creativity in an AI-Driven World
Grade 7+
Mentor: Dr. Kemick


Short Stories Seminar (10 hrs)
]Around the World in Classic Tales
Grades 5+
Mentor: Dr. Kemick/Dr. Prusko/Mr. Donavan


Film and Literature (10 hrs)
From Source, to Script, to Screen
Grades 5+
Mentor: Mr. Donovan

Personal Story.png

Personal Essay Writing Essentials (10 hrs)
Crafting Your Stories, Shaping Your Future
Grade 7+
ntor: Dr. Kemick


When Technology Meets the Humanities (10 hrs)
Towards Outstanding STEM-Focused College Essays
Grade 7+
Mentor: Dr. Prusko


Great Books Seminar
Engaging with Greatest Minds
Grade 7
Mentor: Dr. Kemick/Dr. Prusko


Public Speaking Workshops (10  hrs)
Speak to Persuade and Motivate
Grades 5+
Mentor: Mr. Donovan

Class Demos

Great Books Seminar I

Great Books Seminar II

Film & Literature

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