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Current Program Availability

Humanities Circle (Grades 6-12): open

Hourly Counseling Programs

- Early Stage HS Planning & Admissions Profile Booster: temporarily paused due to workload capacity; scheduled to resume student intake in 2025.

- College Application Support: upcoming in 2025. 

- Dream School Application Review: limited availability. 


Comprehensive Counseling Programs (HS Planning & College Admission)

- Temporarily paused due to workload capacity; scheduled to resume student intake in 2025.

- Class of 2024 and Class of 2025: full. Students from younger grades are encouraged to reach out to us in early 2025.  

Notes about Comprehensive Counseling Programs

(1) To diversify our cohort, we encourage students with special talents or accomplishments to contact us. 

(2) We do NOT help with (1) applying as visual/performing arts majors or (2) student athletes. 

(3) We focus on freshmen college admissions and do not provide guidance on K-12 private school admissions or college transfer admissions. 

Request an Appointment

For families interested in our Comprehensive Counseling Programswe are pleased to offer a FREE 20-Minute Video Consultation. Please be sure to check our "Current Program Availability" above before making an appointment. 

To make the most of our first meeting, please read through our website to get to know our programs and prepare your questions. While booking an appointment through the clickable booking button above, please share with us brief information about your student, including:

1. School GPA & curriculum rigor (AP courses, IB diploma etc.)

2. Standardized test scores

3. Important awards & honors

3. Important extracurricular activities

4. Study habit/self-management skills

5. Dream/target colleges & parental expectations

6. Writing ability


§§ This complimentary session is reserved ONLY for:

(1) families who are interested in our comprehensive counseling programs

(2) grade levels for which enrollment is still open.

¶¶ For hourly counseling, please go to our Hourly Programs page to select a program that fits your needs and follow the Booking Instructions to reserve your session directly. 

Contact Form

For other issues, please fill out the form below. We will respond as soon as possible. 

Thank you for the message! We will respond to you shortly!

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