Polaris Humanities Circle

Over years of guiding students into America’s most competitive summer programs and most selective colleges, we have noticed that no matter what students' academic interests are, those with the strongest humanistic sensibilities are most capable of producing college essays with the depth and width of thought to stand out from the crowd. 

Polaris Humanities Circle aims to help the youth build a solid foundation in the humanities with the emphasis on the skills in reading, writing, and reasoning that supports their intellectual, professional, and personal pursuits in life. This innovative program is committed to helping young people acquire frameworks for understanding complex aesthetic, ethical, cultural, and historical issues ever-present in life, and to challenging them to engage with the world with an appreciation and empathy for humanity. 

This program will provide discussion-based private and small group online classes. Rather than forcing students through a one-size-fits-all experience, all courses will customize the learning plan that caters to each participant's unique learning style. Each dynamic session incorporates lectures, discussions, and other interactive activities. 

Individualized Online Classes


Reading Great Literature, Writing Your Life

Mastering Personal Essay Writing for

Successful Summer Program and College Applications

Instructor: Dr. Kemick

This course will focus on the stories that we, as writers, tell others about ourselves and our communities. Students who complete this course will gain the skills needed to execute personal essay writing that has become essential to any summer program and college application. 


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