Polaris Humanities Circle
Advanced Thematic Writing & Reading Courses

Level 1: Middle School Students

Level 2: High School Students


Over years of guiding students into America’s most competitive summer programs and most selective colleges, we have noticed that no matter what students' academic interests are, those with the strongest humanistic sensibilities and writing abilities are most capable of producing college essays with the depth and width of thought to stand out.

Our program aims to help students build a solid foundation in the humanities that supports their academic, professional, and personal pursuits. This innovative program is committed to helping young people acquire frameworks for understanding complex aesthetic, ethical, cultural, and historical issues ever-present in life, and to challenge them to engage with the world with an appreciation and empathy for humanity.  

Our program places a particular emphasis on developing advanced oral and written communication abilities. A variety of approaches will be integrated into our thematic courses to help students become more confident and more flexible communicators, including class discussions, in-depth analysis of exemplary writing, in-class freewriting, sequenced assignments leading to a bigger project, and peer review.

Rather than forcing students through a one-size-fits-all experience, all our courses will customize the learning plan that caters to each student's unique needs and interests. 

Individualized Online Classes


Personal Essay Writing Essentials
Crafting Your Stories, Shaping Your Future

Instructor: Dr. Kemick

This course will teach students the skills needed to craft compelling personal stories that have become essential to academic, professional, and personal success.


When Technology Meets the Humanities
Becoming STEM Leaders with a Vision to Serve Humanity

Instructor: Dr. Prusko

This course will help students demonstrate their potential as emerging STEM leaders with a vision to serve humanity and apply humanities skills to their future work in STEM fields.


Great Books Writing & Reading Intensive
Perfecting Skills in Thinking and Communicating

Instructors: Dr. Kemick & Dr. Prusko

The inquiry-based weekly seminar uses both modern and classical texts to help students grow into highly capable readers and writers who excel in academic studies and future careers. 


REvision Workshop
Rewriting Is the Essence of Writing Well

Coaches: Dr. Kemick & Dr. Prusko

We help students reflect on the very thinking behind their work and effect larger conceptual shifts that involve focus, audience, and organization.