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A Decade of Commitment and Excellence

Who We Are

An innovative educational leader, we are based in Eastside Seattle to provide comprehensive and highly personalized college admissions counseling for students in Greater Seattle, San Francisco, and across the country. We are proud to have guided talented youths into great colleges that fit their long-term goals, including 8 Ivy League schools, Stanford, MIT, Caltech, Duke, Johns Hopkins, Northwestern, Vanderbilt, UC Berkeley, UCLA, University of Michigan, Swarthmore, and Wellesley.

Why Choose Us

Ph.D. Counselor Team 
Trained at UC Berkeley

Comprehensive and Systematic Counseling Curriculum

Individualized High School Growth Plan

Extensive Experience in Highly Selective College Admissions

Essay Coaching

Application Guidance 

Rich Resources to Help Students Develop Admissions Profiles

Most Updated Insider’s College Admissions Information

Close Student/Parent Communication

Our Results at a Glance

We pride ourselves on proven records of sending students to best-fit great colleges and helping them discover the meaning and purpose of life.


Unique Colleges Our Students Were Accepted to


Students Accepted to at Least One of Their First-Choice Schools


Percent of Families Would Recommend Us


I wholeheartedly and unequivocally recommend Polaris College Counseling to any student who finds themselves in the muddy waters of the college application process. I believe that even the most accomplished students can greatly benefit from the mentorship of an experienced, kind, intelligent, and extremely knowledgeable college counselor like Alice.

Stanford Admit

Throughout this process, she also used the essay prompts to help me dig deeper into myself and become a better-rounded person, for she could always find the gem in every little story that I shared. My family and I were both super surprised and thrilled when I got into my dream school MIT. I could not have done it without Alice’s guidance, and I am grateful to have such an amazing mentor.

MIT Admit

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