Business Research Internship

Research fields

Finance, Economics, Real Estate


Professor Frances Feng

College of Business & Economics, California State University, Los Angeles

Program Goals

  • Engage in hands-on business research projects

  • Collaborate with senior researchers

  • Learn college-level business analysis techniques

  • Learn to write research reports and present research findings

Stage I

  • Choosing a research topic

  • Learning to use statistical software

  • Reviewing literature

  • Writing the research proposal

Stage II

  • Collecting and analyzing data

  • Writing and revising the research paper

  • Research presentation

  • Internship evaluation

*The intern demonstrating exceptional research abilities and potential will be listed as a co-author of a research paper for an international conference or journal.

Phone: +1(425) 898-3340


Address: 8153 161st Avenue Northeast, Redmond, WA 98052

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